'Pure poetry! An exceptional all-black ensemble…spun, stomped, and soared through songs of joy, grief, and rage with music and dancing that paid loving tribute to myriad black art forms and traditions.' - The Boston Globe

'An exquisite show! Song and sight that plunges into the soul. I found myself absolutely rapt--I'm still thinking about it. The Black Clown is precisely why we have and need theater.' -WGBH

'Powerful, stunning, and brilliantly innovative. Transfixing and indelible. Hughes' poem, and this show - a revue of pain, hope, and conscious cataloguing of the absurdities embraced by the biased - rouses itself, and us, to a ringing triumphal declaration.' - Edge Media

'An emotional and musical tour de force...You’re not likely to see a better assemblage of talent onstage in any production in Boston this season (including the superb orchestra) – and the creative team gives them plenty of opportunities to shine.' - Theater Mirror

'A brilliant collage of word, music, and movement, packing the strength, solemnity, and uplift of a prayer. A potent 70 minutes straight to the heart, sleek and intimate, yet lushly emotive. You MUST SEE.' - Joyce's Choices

'This production packs more food for thought and more sheer enjoyment into its 70 minutes than many another of twice that length. It merits the widest possible audience' - New York Stage Review

'An essential work of artistic bravery and truth that manages to both stop the heart and send it flying, hovering somewhere between the depths of humanity and the heights of old-fashioned theatricality.' -


'Winokur's cinematic staging allowed the action to flow with spellbinding effect over three acts'  -Cincinnati Business Courier

'sexually charged and compellingly potent' - Seen and Heard International

'The entire evening was a delight, a model for opera companies wishing to explore older music' - Opera News

'Winokur allowed the music to lead the action, creating performances that were riveting' - City Beat

'A crowing achievement in the queen city... fascinating and fabulous' - The Oakwood Register


'One of the most elegant and imaginative shows that New York has enjoyed this season.' - Opera News

'Director Zack Winokur Sees a New Future for Opera' -

'Excellent... a most effective use of a modest space' -The New York Times

'Delicious... a superbly imaginative mounting by young director-choreographer Zack Winokur' - Parterre Box


'A tender, sensual ballet that blended magic, chivalry and earthiness' - Opera News

'Visceral and erotic, at other times, tender and embracing' -Stamford Advocate 


'Appropriately haunting stage pictures and brought a visceral freshness to the work' - Operavore

'Emotionally riveting, poignant, and ultimately heartbreaking' -Greenwich Citizen


'A compelling musical and theatrical experience, especially in this tightly wrought and excellent production.' -The New York Times

'This vibrant, percussion-driven piece—based on the astonishing, image-rich memoirs of former Cuban slave Esteban Montejo (1860–1973)—will be codirected by Huffman and Juilliard whiz-kid dancer-choreographer Zack Winokur, a rising force at 21, who also directed brilliant offerings of works by Monteverdi and Viktor Ullmann  in recent seasons' - Time Out NY

'Huffman and Winokur impressively relied on creative use of lighting and highly athletic dancing to convey the drama in a meaningful yet unobtrusive way' - Opera News

'An experience that very well may be once in a lifetime' -Parterre Box


'This production, engagingly directed by the festival's artistic director Ted Huffman with Zack Winokur as choreographer and co-director, beautifully caught the spirit of the original conception.' - Opera (UK)

'This crack team of performers and designers has managed to present this many-faceted jewel of an opera in a manner utterly respectful of its unique origins while remaining so fresh that it feels incidentally composed for this moment' - Operaticus 

'True art does not always please. It can repel, attract, surprise, shock and change us. That is the accomplishment of this production, which was at once absurd, grotesque, and brilliant' -Greenwich Citizen